Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Andreas Muller-Pohle

I researched Andreas Muller-Pohle because I thought his work was interesting because he is a photographer and digital artist. Most of his work is based off of photography. In the reading his digitized images were shown. He took a photo and converted the bytes into alphanumberic code in eight panels. Then he also did a series called face codes where he took videos and then took the still images like photos of people and reworked them digitally to show a alphanumeric code and then showed that code on the bottom of the screen. Also, he took the worlds first photograph and through digital encoding created an image. His work is very compelling and different he has a wide variety of work. .


  1. found this quote: "Left to itself, the camera will photograph blindly, by pure chance, absurdly, without any purpose. And man can then step in, and he can give a meaning to this absurd automatic function, by exercising his freedom of choice"

  2. photography definitely lends itself well to digital processing :)
    its fascinating that the image can be depicted in multiple ways--its not just the visual piece, but the coding that the computer reads! thats where I think a lot of digital art can become less visual and not as aesthetically pleasing because of this