Monday, April 18, 2011

Kevin Fleming

In the spirit of the past project and this one I research a photographer. He is close to heart and my family's hearts because his photos have been very much a part of our lives. His photos are scattered through many of the magazines that I grew up with. His work although has taken him all around the world has been focused on Delmarva. Kevin Fleming was born in Delaware and attended Wesley college although not a photography major he kept this as his hobby and then made a career off of it.

After college he became a newspaper photographer then a National Geographic photographer and was one for a decade there after, This job lead him to more then 26 countries. He has photographed subjects reaching from nature and wild life to New Zealand sheep ranchers and the death of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. (he had some of the few images of the incident). His work has spread world wide and his not so famous work is localized on Delmarva. Many of the art galleries at the beaches of Rehoboth, Lewes and Ocean City have many Kevin Fleming photos in their collections. His photos are also in many magazines such as: Wild Delaware, Newsweek, GEO and Beaches Delaware. The photos I am used to seeing are his more Delmarva focused works. He has taken thousands of photos of the landscape and wildlife of this unique penninsula. He has captures numerous moments in time that only a few people will very get to witness. He shows the world animals that are rarely seen to human eyes and moments in those animals' lives that not even scientists see.

His focus now is more on creating books (one of which I own). Ever since September 11th he has gotten back in gear and started traveling across the country finishing his book "The Heart of America". He has traveled across the nation to capture the "heart and soul of America". He traveled in helicopters, on horse back, in kayaks and even in hot air balloons all to get the shots that show America's beauty. In this book Fleming shows us the funny open hearted side of this country, he shows the back roads and the places often unseen. His other books include "Wild Delaware" published in 2008 which was sold out and was the number one best selling book on the peninsula. More recently he published "Wild Delmarva"

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